Jaka Affiliate Marketing app

Tipo Affiliate app has been launched for helping out to create and manage an affiliate network that fits your shop and sales needs in just a few clicks, and you are utterly able to use Custom Forms with a tiny bit of setup.

This saves ton of time to create the Affiliate Portal in a catch-eye and intuitive way.

In the same vein, the app also offers the function to reward loyal customers and fans for sending new customers to your product.

Main features:

  • Build your own affiliate campaign with attractive commissions and discounts

  • Connect influencers and customers and make them become your referral partners

  • Clear & simple interface with intuitive & fully-customizable Affiliate Portal

  • Automated referral tracking, and order attribution. Convenient payout options

App charge: Free

App link for installation: https://apps.shopify.com/affiliate-marketing-app


- Email: hi@tipo.io

- Live chat in the app

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