What are Brand Creatives?

Jaka also supports you to provide Assets for Affiliates to advertise the product of your Campaign

Along the same vein as your affiliate policy, you should also have brand assets available for affiliates to use to promote your products. This will make promotion easy on your affiliates, as they have images and text links pre-made, and you can control how your brand is represented.

For example, you could provide banners and images for affiliates to use. You can also allow affiliates to use their own assets upon approval.

This way, you know exactly how your store is being represented in advertisements or other images. You can provide a style guide of brand colors and logos to use so that affiliates are able to ensure consistency with your brand image.

Competitors must follow the same recommendations, so you have to get creative to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Steps to manage

In Jaka app:

1. Open the app > click Creatives > click Add creative

2. Upload the images/files you want to provide for affiliates

You can add multiple images/files for each campaign.

In Affiliate account page

The creatives you upload in the app show up in the Creatives tab in the Affiliate account page.

Then Affiliates can use the images you provide to promote your brand and products.

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