Jaka provides the interface of the portal that is completely customizable with a few clicks

There are all 5 Affiliate Portal Pages:

Landing Page: Where is the main page of Affiliate Portals, from here, your store visitor can register as an Affiliate, or an Affiliate can log in to access their account

Login Page: Where the person who already has the affiliate account will log in to access their account

Registration page: Where the affiliate will submit for registration

Forgot Pasword page: To which Affiliate is redirected after clicking the word Forgot Password on the Login Page

Reset Password page: Where Affiliate enters the new Password to be able to continue logging into their account

In general, all of them are designed in 2 main tabs according to their own function

The Sections: contains all parts to build each separate page

The Theme Settings: are settings about Colors, Typography, Layout

Guide to use

In the Sections

To hide which section, please click the eye icon

To view which section in a quick way, just feel free to click the icon next to the eye icon

To advanced customization for each section, please click the sub-section title and edit the text, image size, enter redirected link, ect...

In the Theme Settings

Color: manage the color of heading, paragraph, button, and hover button

Typography: manage the font of heading and body

Layout: Page width and Vertical space between sections

You can freely use CSS codes to customize the form of any page of them. In case you have some ideas to customize those but don't know what codes to use, please feel free to contact us via the in-app contact channel. We will be more than happy to provide you with the proper CSS codes.

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