Pay affiates outside Jaka app

Currently Jaka app allows connect the app to your PayPal account so you can directly pay for the affiliates in the app.

You can add payment methods to the app. Affiliates can select one of the payment methods they want and provide you the payment information.

Then you can pay affiliates in your bank account or other payment gateways (not in the app).

Add custom payment method to the app

Steps to manage

1. Open the app > click Settings > Payment > click Add payment method

2. Add fields to the form that will let affiliates enter the details of their bank account later

3. Click Save > your custom payment method is added to the list

Now in affiliate account, they can select this new method and add their account information.

How to pay affiliates via custom payment method?

In Affiliate account page

After you set custom payment method in Jaka app, Affiliate will select this payment method as the payment in Affiliate account page

In Jaka app

1. Open the app > click Payouts > open a payout detail

2. Select the order ID you want to pay > click Next button

3. You can view the payment information of affiliates

  1. Pay for affiilates via your method manually

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