Set up multiple level marketting

The Multi Level tab can be used to set up the multi-level affiliate network for the program. In multi-level marketing, existing affiliates can recruit newer affiliates under them. Also, the parent affiliate will earn a network commission on the sales referred by their downlines.

Steps to manage

1. To activate the multi level marketing in the app, you need to create a campaign first.

2. In the app > click Settings > Multi-level marketing > select number of level you want to set up

3. Enter the commission amount of each level

4. Click Save

How MLM works?

Each affiliate and invite or recruit unlimited distributors and their network commissions will be calculated on.

For example: you have have 4 affiliates.

  • Anna- the original affiliate: directly register to the campaign

  • John -sub affiliate 1: invited the original affiliate Anna

  • Mike- sub affiliate 2: invited the sub affiliate 1 John

  • Jim - sub affiliate 3: invited the sub affiliate 2 Mike

The Anna shares affiliate promote link with customers > customers purchase products via that link

When order is created in Shopify stores, sale is created in the app and sub-affiliate 3 earns 10% commission based on the campaign config.

For John who invited Anna, he receives commission of 10% of Anna's commission (level 1)

For Mike who invited John, he receives commission of 5% of Anna's commission (level 2)

For Mike who invited John, he receives commission of 2% of Anna's commission (level 3)

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