How to find affiliate marketers?

After creating a campaign, you can add the affiliate landing to the site to let visitors access the campaign and register/log in as affiliates.

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Also, here are some suggestions for you if you’re looking to find affiliates for your products:

1) Work With an Agency

An affiliate recruitment agency is a stellar option for finding good affiliates. These firms differ from the typical affiliate management agencies in that they solely focus on finding and recruiting affiliates for businesses.

2) Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network connects advertisers with a wide range of affiliate marketers. Browse through the affiliate directories and search for affiliates based on specific criteria (like niche or audience). This is a place where you can reach out to potential affiliates without spending a lot of money.

Some affiliate sites will charge you to list, while others take affiliate commissions on each sale.

3) Online Research

The good ole’ due diligence never hurt anyone, and sometimes finding the best people takes a little bit of digging. Conduct online research to identify potential affiliate marketers who operate in your industry. You can use all sorts of avenues, including:

  • Social media platforms

  • Search engines

  • Relevant industry forums

  • Blogger, influencer, and content-creator communities

4) Influencers

Influencers are one of the most powerful affiliate marketers you can find and offer a strong followership in a specific niche. These people can be actors, creators, or even stay-at-home moms. The main idea is that they attract a lot of people who they can get to buy whatever they recommend.

5) Marketing Events

Attending affiliate marketing events can include activities like trade shows, industry conferences, and networking opportunities. These events provide a chance to connect with affiliates face-to-face, who are actively seeking partnerships. Attend sessions and workshops related to affiliate marketing strategies, where you can exchange contact information with potential affiliates.

6) Existing Customers

Existing customers can be a valuable source for potential affiliates. They are already familiar with your brand and are willing to promote your products and services (and may have already to friends and family). If they’re returning customers, chances are, they have something positive to say and wouldn’t mind the passive income.

7) Social Media

Leverage social media platforms as much as possible to connect with potential affiliates and research your niche market. Join relevant groups or communities where affiliate marketers gather. Participate in discussions whenever possible and establish genuine relationships.

9) Online Communities

It should come as no surprise that people still love posting in forums and groups. Look at the popularity of Reddit. There are Facebook groups with thousands of members.


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