Campaign Discount

Coupons are an effective tool used to convert visitors into customers and you can take to encourage affiliates to send quality traffic your way. They help in bringing new customers, and therefore, help in expanding your reach.

Thus, Jaka Affiliate Marketing app provides you with the option to set up and enable the automatic coupons option. It automatically creates coupon codes for your affiliates when they register in your program so that affiliate will get a commission each time it’s used, regardless of where the referral came from.

Note: by default, the app turns off this function. Thus, you must go to the app to activate this Discount setting in the Campaign you want to use.

Step to manage

1. Open the app -> click Campaigns > open a campaign or create a new one

3. In campaign detail, enable Discounts -> select Discount type and enter discount value you want

4. Limit time affiliates can use discount and select products/collection this discount is applied to

5. Click Save

There are 2 types of discounts:

  • Percentage: the discount amount is calculated based on product price (10%)

  • Fixed amount: the money amount is entered directly (10$)

Usage limits

Additionally, you also have options to set up Usage limits for coupon codes:

  • Limit to one use per customer

The coupon code assigned to the affiliate can only be used once per customer. If the customer tries to use the coupon again, it will not work for them.

  • Limited time discount

It lets you set the total number of times the coupon code can be used in total. Once the limit is reached, the coupon will stop working for everyone.

Along with conditions in Minimum requirements section

  • Minimum purchase amount

It is the minimum cart value that needs to be met before the coupon can get applied to avail of the discount. Setting up a minimum value is useful, since you may have products that are low in price (usually shipping costs get added to them or are included in their price). It is, therefore, useful to set a minimum order value accordingly.

  • Minimum quantity of items

This may encourage your store visitor to add more items to purchase one time to get the discount

Limit discounts to products/collections

This option lets you limit the discounts provided by coupon codes to specific products or collections in your store. It is useful if you don't want the coupons to work on certain products in your store. In this way, you can easily set up coupon codes for your affiliates to promote your products more effectively.

Please noted that this method of using the Campaign Discount function is also a method to recognize the referral order to the affiliate whose code regardless of whether it is from any affiliate link

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