Create Campaign for Affiliates

To start promoting your affiliate strategy, you need to have a campaign created in the app backend. Our system creates a default program for you with the commission type of Percent of Sales = 10%. You can edit that program or add a new program then set it as Default.

Note: there must be at least one campaign and it must be chosen to be the default program.

Create a new campaign

  1. Open the app -> click Campaign -> Click Add campaign button

2. Enter Campaign name field (this is the required field) and set status as Active to make it work

3. Set up Commission rules for the campaign and enable campaign Discounts (optional)

4. Click Save button to finish

Explain Commission Rules section

There are three types of commission available:

  • Percent of Sale: Commissions will be calculated based on a percentage of the value total made thanks to the Affiliate (not including extra fee: shipping, tax…)

  • Flat: Commissions in dollars will be a fixed amount on each order made thanks to the Affiliate (not including extra fee: shipping, tax…)

  • Flat rate per item: Commissions in dollars will be calculated on product unit (not including extra fee: shipping, tax…)

After choosing the proper commission type, fill the suitable amount into the Amount box below then click Save changes.

Jaka Affiliate Marketing provides you with the option to set the cookie duration. The cookie duration is the time up to which a customer (referred by an affiliate) will be tracked.

On the Campaign panel -> in Commission Rules section -> enter the number of days in Cookie Duration to set the expiration duration of the affiliate tracking cookie.

The customer (referred by an affiliate) will now be tracked for the duration set in the cookie duration section.

How to calculate commission including discount, shipping, tax of the order

On the Campaign panel -> in Commission Rules section -> tick on the checkbox Include Discounts

Note: it will be the discount total which the order has contains the discount of store, affiliate discount if applicable, ect...

Do a similar step for other conditions: Include Shipping and Include Taxes

Auto/manually Approved Affiliate

  • Manually Approve Affiliate

When your store visitors sign up for the affiliate campaign, Jaka allows you to manage to approve the affiliate registration manually. Only when the affiliate registration is approved, the subscriber will become an affiliate and be able to go to their affiliate account to get the referral link To approve Affiliate manually, please go to Affiliate Marketing -> Affiliates -> select Approve option

  • Auto Approve Affiliate

NOTE: By default, the app enables this setting Auto approved affiliate, which means that, right after a person signs up for the affiliate registration form, they will be able to get their affiliate link immediately.

Auto Approved Order

Jaka offers this setting for Merchants to manage whether the order from the affiliate who've referred your product is valid to pay the commission to that affiliate.

Each order created thanks to any affiliate will be stored the order information in Sales tab

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