Affiliate Payouts

Jaka helps you in keeping payments with your affiliates seamless. After the sale is accepted, Jaka will record the payment of affiliates and they will be shown in Payouts tab. There are 2 payout status

Payout pending

This section shows you the pending payments of affiliates. The affiliates whose names you see in this section have successfully referred sales, and are ready to get their commission paid to them.

For example, Affiliate A has successfully referred a sale. The amount to be paid to him is $10 and his chosen mode of payment is PayPal. You can accordingly pay him. Payment paid

Payout paid

Jaka also provides you with the option to view all previous payments that have been to affiliates. It showcases the date of the payment, affiliate name, amount paid to the affiliate, mode of payment used to pay the affiliate, and relevant actions.

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