Pay affiliates in Jaka app

Currently Jaka app allows connect the app to your PayPal account so you can directly pay for the affiliates in the app.

Set up PayPal integration in the app

Steps to mange

In PayPal

1. Make a PayPal business account

2. Log into your PayPal here and click on Log into Dashboard

3. Make sure that the toggle “Live” is on and the option Payouts is selected


On the My Account page, scroll down to the Permissions section > Payouts. If there's a green checkmark in the "Live" column for Payouts, it means that Live Payouts has been enabled for your account. But if there isn't, you will see the “Enable...” link to click through and provide the required information for PayPal to enable it.

4. Click on Apps and Credentials in the menu on the left and then on Create App

Start by assigning a PayPal app name. You may want to reference your online store or the reason why you’re creating this app. This name will help you easily identify the right app if you need to retrieve your Client ID and Secret Key again in the future.

Click on the blue “Create App” button to proceed. A short form will appear.

5. Copy the Client ID and Secret Key

You’ll see a long string of numbers and letters—this is what you’ll need to share with your developer or enter into a website that you’re setting up.

In Jaka app

1. Open the app > click Settings > Third-party integration > Payment with PayPal > click Connect button

2. Enter the Client ID and Secret key from PayPal in previous steps.

Note: app password field: add random passcode you want and remember it. You will have to enter this password before paying for affiliated later.

3. Click Save to complete the integration

How to pay via PayPal in the Jaka app?

In Affiliate account page

After you set PayPal as a payment method in Jaka app, Affiliate will select PayPal as the payment in Affiliate account page

In Jaka app

1. Open the app > click Payouts > open a payout detail

2. Select the order ID you want to pay > click Next button

3. Enter the app password you add to the app Settings > PayPal integration > click Process Payment

4. Check your money in PayPal account after paying.

Tutorial video

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