Affiliate Portal

After you approve and activate an affiliate account, the affiliate can log into his/her account and start working. The affiliate login link can be found in:

  • Landing page of affiliate campaign

  • in the email sent to affiliate when their account is approved

Affiliate Registration

When the affiliate enters the affiliate portal, it will ask them for their email address and password (or additional information).

Affiliate login

After registering, an email will be sent to the affiliate's registered email address. They can then log into their account through the login page of the portal.

Affiliate account page


Dashboard displays all most information of affiliates: Order, Revenue , Commission , Referral code, Profile, discount code, campaign, promote link, commission status.


Display the order number and the revenue affiliate create via promote link after customers purchased products.


Display the status of commissions


Display the images and files provided by store owner to promote for the products


  • Let affiliate edit information like name, phone, social link,...

  • Select and add payment information so store owner can pay for commissions.

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